The One Thing Every Active Married Couple Needs

When you get married, traditionally there are a few things that are standard. Typically engagements will get kicked-off with a ring. The budget for these varies wildly, from $100 (or less) to tens of thousands of dollars. Sure, the old adage “three months’ salary” may be phasing out, but it’s still there and prevalent.

Regardless of what you do for your primary rings, there’s one thing every active couple needs, and that is a set of active-wear rings. Even if you have your rings insured (and you should), if you’re doing something they can sometimes get in the way or just get dirty. Maintaining your rings is an important task, but you don’t need to make it more difficult than it needs to be.

Alternative Rings

For that reason, Kristin and I both invested in silicone rings. I wear mine as my everyday ring, and have my fancier one for…well, when I’m fancier. Kristin wears hers while working out or we’re out doing something active.

We always get comments and questions about them, and everyone seems to love the idea. Silicone rings are inexpensive and durable, and can be pretty stylish. Black is our color of choice (for now) but they have basically any color you can imagine.

For Him

The silicone ring I got for myself is pretty sweet. It’s super flexible (a few friends have different ones, but theirs is basically the same as mine) and doesn’t scratch or scuff. It’s comfortable on my hand, and fits perfectly:

As an added perk I can silently roll it across the table at boring meetings. Not that I’ve EVER been in a boring meeting before…

For Her

One of the other potential ‘downsides’ of silicone rings is that they are quite plain. With a traditional ring it sparkles and dazzles, but silicone rings a pretty boring. We got this ring (in black) for Kristin shortly after we got engaged:

It’s got a bit of patterning on it, which is about the extent you’ll find in any ring.

Like mine, it fits well and is comfortable. Kristin wears it working out and it doesn’t interfere with anything at all.

Time to Accessorize

There are other styles and colors that we’ll likely get in the future. If we lose them, it’s cheap – just ten bucks to replace. The fashionista in us will probably get some new colors (I don’t like wearing my black ring if I am wearing brown tones, for example).

With them being so cheap, it’s really not a big deal. In fact, I’ll probably just buy them with Amazon Points. They make the perfect addition to our ensembles and help us keep our regular rings safe and clean.


Would you consider wearing a silicone ring instead of a regular gold/platinum ring?

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    1. Yeah, Kristin works out with some women who keep their rings on while lifting weights, etc. Seems like a good way to get it scratched up! 🙂

      Thanks for reading!!

  1. We have regular wedding bands and they are in the safe. It’s just easier to not wear a ring especially when I go to the gym. Silicone ring sounds comfortable.

  2. It’s a great idea, but as a rock climber, I need to not wear anything on my fingers or wrists at all. I currently wear my engagement ring on a chain around my neck when I climb 🙂

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