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Here I will share some of the products and services that I recommend. I only recommend things I’ve used, and make a point to provide honest reviews and feedback. If you have any questions on something specifically listed here, or if you think I should look into a product or service, please let me know! As a reminder, check out my disclaimer about these links.

Financial Resources




Personal Capital is my all-time favorite resource for Budgeting, tracking my Net Worth, finding out about Investment Fees and much more. The amount of detail in here is insane, and it’s easy to set up. Whether you’re just starting on your journey with mastering your money, fully retired, or somewhere in between, Personal Capital offers you a sweet Financial Headquarters. Best of all, it’s totally freeBecome the Money Hero you were born to be.

Read my review here.

Start a Web Site





Bluehost offers web hosting. If you’ve ever thought about starting your own blog, business, or other web site, Bluehost can hook you up. I’ve found them to be pretty reliable, and for the cost it’s a great deal. The biggest reason people don’t start things is because it’s too much work to just start. Getting set up on Bluehost is easy. No more excuses!

If you want to know how to start your own blog, read my guide here.