Get An MIT Education For Free

Have you ever wanted to get an MIT education, but don’t have $70k a year to do it? What options might you have? Of course student loans are available (for those who want to be a quarter million dollars in debt when they graduate). Scholarships and grants are another good step to research, but chances are most of us won’t get enough in those to cover tuition. So, what’s a hopeful learner to do? Go to MIT for free, of course!

The Real Deal

No, this isn’t a gimmick. For anybody wishing to learn about basically¬†anything¬†MIT offers most of its course material online, 100% free of charge. It’s called MIT OpenCourseWare and it’s an incredible resource for anybody looking for a new set of skills or wanting to brush up on their existing knowledge.

Everything is available at your own pace. Class syllabuses , all of the lectures (with notes), even coursework assignments. Some courses will have filled out examples, answer keys – the whole nine yards.

Choose Your Own Adventure

MIT OpenCourseWare has a ton of courses available in a broad array of disciplines. Want to learn about the Age of the Samurai? Got it. A comprehensive outlining of nuclear engineering? They take care of that, too.

There are courses available in 35 departments over 5 schools. Most departments have dozens of available classes, and many of them are graduate-level. This may mean some of the material gets pretty advanced, so I’d recommend starting with the easier courses, even if it’s not exactly what you’re after. See how comfortable you feel with that courses material, and if you’re finding it too easy, move to the next.

The Catch

This sounds pretty damn awesome, right? It is, but there’s one little catch: a lot of the content is several years old. This might not matter at all, but for some things it may make a world of difference.

Each course will list when it was taught, so you can gauge how relevant it might be based on the subject.

Continuous Growth

Growth and education is an important part of the personal finance world that often gets overlooked. At a minimum it doesn’t get discussed a ton. But the fact is that if you get laid off, want to make a career change, or just want to stay sharp, continuing education in some fashion is an important component of your life to be aware of.

If you’re working at an office job, think about the money your employer spends on you.

Do you go to training sessions throughout the year? Do they reimburse for any tuition? How about giving you access to research through firms like Gartner? What other on-the-job education is there?

Employers spend money on this sort of stuff because they understand that education doesn’t stop with college. Life should be about continually growing your skill-set and become better at what you’re doing or pursuing. As you further your education and become better, you’re able to make more money, and more importantly, make a better impact on the world.

As the saying goes, if you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind.



What free resources do you use to further enhance your education or skillset?

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    1. I stumbled across it a while back. It’s an awesome resource and kind of fun to just randomly read when I want to kill some time and learn a little something too!

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