The Make Money Marketing Course Is A Blogger’s Side Hustle Dream Course

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One of my goals in 2018 is to start to earn some extra money from side hustles. My target amount is a pretty reasonable $500 a month on average. While $500 isn’t going to let Kristin or I leave our jobs or retire early, it’s a nice chunk of change to pad our savings.

I think many bloggers go through this period of aspiration where we dream about what it’d be like to quit the corporate world and blog full time.

The reality is that few can do it – even fewer can do it solely from revenue they earn from their blog.

So when Bobby at Millennial Money Man – probably my favorite blog at the moment – put out his income reports, I always had eyes on them. Bobby makes good money, but if you dig into the details, you find out that he only makes about 2/3rds of his money directly through his blog.

All the rest of the money he makes is from a small marketing company he started.

Introducing The Make Money Marketing Course

Bobby talks about his marketing business semi-frequently, and always highlights it in his blog reports. He’s got a handful of clients and makes good money – about $5k a month on average – for doing some local SEO and related marketing work.

Naturally, when Bobby announced his plan to develop a course – the Make Money Marketing Coursemy ears perked up.

It’s one thing to develop a course – it’s another to bootstrap your own small marketing business and teach others how they can do similar things in their local market.

As soon as I was able, I signed up to be a beta participant in the course. Doing so would let me take the course before it opened to the general public, and provide feedback to help make the course better.

Why I Like The Make Money Marketing Course

As a blogger, I love the idea of doing some web-based marketing work in my local community. For starters, it helps me interact with other small business owners in the area. Also, let’s be honest…blogging is a long game when it comes to income.

Being able to provide immediate value to small businesses, though, can be a quick, sustainable source of income. To somebody looking to grow side hustle revenue, particularly just starting out as a blogger, local marketing work just makes sense. We’re already doing a ton of what local businesses need.

Another thing I love about the course is that it’s as scalable as you want it to be. If you want to pick up just one client, great. If you want to scale to a full-time $50k+ business like Bobby, no problem. The framework laid out in the Make Money Marketing Course is easy to follow.

Here’s a brief synopsis of what you should expect in the course, as well as an overview of my experience in the beta program.

Course Structure – What You’ll Get

The course is broken up into six primary modules, a brief Welcome module (to get acquainted with the course itself), some sweet bonus material, and links to all the resources Bobby talks about throughout the lessons themselves.

Most of the content is video – over six hours of it altogether – done at your own pace. Most videos are relatively short; the longest weighs in at about 23 minutes, so you can power through them in chunks pretty effectively.

Here’s what to expect in the course.

Module 1: Introduction to Marketing

This is a super high level module to get your feet wet. I liked it because, as a blogger, I never thought of myself as a marketer.

Yet, that’s a huge component of what I do when I blog. Bobby talks about why that is, and how we can leverage work that’s already been done to help land clients.

Module 2: Get Customers

Honestly as an introvert, finding clients is the most terrifying prospect of literally any side-hustle to me. Thankfully a lot of what this course covers can be done remotely; in fact, Bobby doesn’t see some of his clients hardly ever.

In this module you’ll learn how to find a good first client, how to land them, and how to nurture that relationship to grow your business further.

I found this module particularly helpful in both building confidence that I can in fact do this, and that it’s not nearly as bad as you probably think.

Module 3: Local SEO

Bloggers should be familiar with SEO – Search Engine Optimization – but much of the knowledge we have isn’t necessarily local-specific.

There are a few tips and tricks to ranking well in local searches as compared to searches on a global or national level. Bobby walks through those, and has some great videos that walk you through the process.

You’ll also learn how to do things like keyword research and good link-building. This module is a big component of the course and has nearly 2 hours of the video content contained in it.

Module 4: Freelance Writing

As bloggers, we write – a lot. I’ve written over 140 posts so far, and all of it serves as a bit of a portfolio.

Not every local business will need a ton of writing content, but for those that do, this can be a super easy value-add.

Module 5: Social Media

We all use social media for the most part, but small businesses often times suck at it. To be honest, small business owners have a million and one things to do, and maintaining a great online presence just slips through the cracks.

Bobby walks you through what you can offer to clients and brings in one of his friends who runs a $300k+ business specializing in Facebook Ads to help get Facebook Business Manager set up. This is great material and it’s critical – apparently it’s possible to screw up Facebook pretty badly, so if this is a service you ever offer clients, be sure to watch this video. Probably a few times.

Module 6: The Business Stuff

All the things you need to know to actually run your business including how you might want to structure your business, what you can charge, and how to grow.

There’s even a great invoicing walk-through if the idea of invoicing is foreign to you. Don’t worry, pretty much everything from A to Z is covered.

Resources and Experts

One of the great value adds that’ll just get better over time is the resources available to people who take the course. Immediately you can join a private Facebook group which already has some good questions being addressed. If you’re in the Millennial Money Man Blogging group, you’ll know that Bobby’s super active on these platforms.

Most people who talk about building a community or monetizing a web site will say that engaging with your readers is a waste of your time. Not the case here, and tapping into the expertise of others in the group will be a big help in getting off the ground.

Bobby’s going to frequently bring in marketing experts to talk about a wide variety of topics. This is great – he’ll even pay for people using money from course sales.

Throughout the course there are some great printables to help, and a few freebies from other courses as well. At the end you’ll also have a great link repository for all of the things discussed in each of the modules.

The Beta Experience

I’ll keep this section short, but I HAVE to share! This was seriously the best thing in the world. I’m pretty sure I was one of the first people to get through most of the lessons.

As a result, I saw some videos that were uploaded accidentally – totally unedited. Let’s just say that without beta testers, this thing would have dropped with a few more ‘f-bombs’ than Bobby had anticipated! Hahah

Honestly that’s a huge reason I love this course. Bobby’s a down-to-earth guy who just wants to help others. He gets frustrated like the rest of us when he screws up. All he wants is for people to succeed with this course.

Since the focus is local, the odds of anyone taking the course actually competing with anyone else is pretty slim. That’s part of the reason he priced the course like he did. Which leads me to…

What About The Money?

The big question here boils down to money. How much does the course cost, and how much can you expect to make? And, equally importantly, how long until you actually make that money?

The course cost is $197 (or two payments of $105). For a robust online course, this is pretty low – and Bobby knows that. He also knows that, as starting bloggers, most of us don’t have a ton of money to throw at this as a side hustle or a hobby. Keeping the price point low makes it more appealing, and it’s absolutely worth the money.

As far as what to expect to earn, it kind of depends on what types of services you want to offer. For example, for local SEO work, Bobby started out – and recommends that others start out – at $1000/month as an agency rate. Just landing one client doing some SEO work would already double my goal for 2018!

Other services have different pricing structures, but honestly with a bit of a variety of work and a few clients, earning an extra $500-$3000 should be doable.

The great thing, too, is that these things don’t take a long time to implement. You can easily take the course over a weekend and get to work immediately. Landing a client should just be a matter of time at that point. One person in the course already sealed the deal with his first client. I’m working on mine.

I’m still sticking with my goal of $500 a month, but we’ll see how the rest of the year pans out. I may be undershooting here.

Final Thoughts

For the price, the Make Money Marketing Course is a no-brainer for bloggers looking to start generate some extra income. The course will easily pay for itself, probably with your first client.

I’ve started putting some of the things mentioned in the course into action and am excited to make some money from doing marketing on the side.

Eventually I’d love to get it to a point where I’m earning more than my $500/month goal, and I think that this can be a great route to do it.

If you’re a blogger – or honestly even if you’re not – and you’re looking to start a marketing side hustle making a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month, I highly recommend to sign up the Make Money Marketing Course.


What is your plan to earn more money in 2018? It doesn’t necessarily need to be a side hustle.

The Make Money Marketing Course will teach you how to actually start making money from your blog

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  1. Go get it, Dude! I’m thinking about this very subject as well. I definitely agree with the idea that little side projects spun off the blog make the most sense – as opposed to display ads, say.

    I might look into an e-book on real estate or a course on wealth creation. We’ll see… Time is all I need (and a kick in the ass)

    1. Yeah, the thing about ads is you need a fair amount of traffic to get any sort of real $$ from it. This is much quicker to actually earn some cash.

  2. Thank you for sharing this!

    I definitely have been interested in this course for a couple weeks now, especially the SEO section. I literally no NOTHING about SEO. I know how critical it is in drawing readers to your site, and I look forward to hearing his knowledge on this!

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