A Day In The (Hopeful) Life: My Ideal Day

With the chaos, planning, and excitement of our wedding now (sadly) in the past, Kristin and I are now back in our routine. Wake up, get ready for work, go to work, come home from work, dinner, hang out, sleep. The days have been long and largely filled with work and related activities. Long, sometimes arduous days can take a toll on morale, especially after coming down from the emotional highs around planning and celebrating our wedding with our friends and family.

I’ve done a lot of thinking about how I would structure my time if I ever was able to leave my day job. I’d undoubtedly do it in pursuit of full-time writing/blogging. Since I’ve made a whole $2.84 as of this point, probably not advisable quite yet. Still, if we could swing it, what would we do? We’d still stay in our place and travel a little bit, but for the most part, Kristin and I are both homebodies.

So what would I do all day if I had the ability to just focus on my blog and writing full-time? Here’s how I think most of my days would pan out:

7:00ish – 8:00ish

Wake up, make breakfast. I don’t eat breakfast frequently enough right now but would change this if I had the flexibility to have a leisurely morning.

8:00ish – 9:30ish

Read the news and other blogs. In addition to keeping me up-to-date, reading other blogs is a great way to interact with others and pull some ideas out of both the original posts and the replies. Blogs on a set schedule will typically post early in the morning, so jumping on those conversations early is always fun.

9:30ish – 12:00ish

Write . I’d love to have some additional writing gigs to help pay the bills, but my primary focus would be this blog. Normally this is my most productive time in the entire day. While I write, Kristin would help with Instagram and Pinterest (of which I have not yet had the time or motivation to set up yet). On days where I wasn’t feeling writing, most of this time would be spent continuing to read or doing some marketing activities.

12:00ish – 1:30ish

Lunch time. Either something out every now and then or make a killer lunch at home. Lunch on the weekends is always more fun!

1:30ish – 3:00ish

Marketing and other admin-type work. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest would occupy most of this time. I’d engage with these at other times in the day for sure, but this time would be dedicated to working on non-writing activities with the blog.

3:00ish – 5:00ish

Work out. No we wouldn’t work out for two hours, but this would give a nice buffer to unwind afterwards, shower, travel time, etc. I need to really get back into the habit of exercising regularly…even though I’ve lost some weight from meal prepping, I need to still take care of my health better.

5:00ish – 7:30ish

Dinner. I love cooking, but right now our schedules don’t allow for me to prepare large, extravogant meals like I love doing. Typically these days (since we moved closer to Kristin’s work as we’re saving money for our house) we get home around 6:45 and are starving. Having a more relaxed schedule would let me cook more, plan out meals a bit better, and not feel like our entire evening is shot.

7:30ish – 9:00ish

Game time! It turns out Kristin and I are both super big nerds and love games. I’d spend time after dinner either playing board games with Kristin or video games by myself/online. This would be my leisure time on most days, but we’d probably shake it up with a movie or documentary every now and then. We’re suckers for Planet Earth.

9:00ish – 11:00ish

Read a book. I’m a big fan of reading books. The last one that I read was The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin which was a fascinating read. I love re-reading classics in the personal finance space (Your Money Or Your Life, Total Money Makeover, The Millionaire Next Door, etc.) as well. One of the things I really miss about having time on the train and bus was that it was time I could spend reading. Now on my commute I have to actually pay attention to driving. I haven’t looked into audio books much as of yet, and need to download some podcasts as well as actually fix the Bluetooth issue on my phone/car.

11:00ish – 7:00ish

Sleep. A good night’s sleep for more than a few nights in a row is a pretty rare thing around here unfortunately. Being able to wake up without an alarm clock is one of my dreams. And you know what? If I was in the zone with a book and wanted to stay up until midnight or 1am reading, that’d be fine too. Having that flexibility would be so nice. Today if I stay up much past 10:00 I’m lethargic at work the next day. Not having to wake up at a specific time would do wonders for just about every part of my life.

General Thoughts

Overall my days would be relatively relaxing and calm. I would expect this sort of cadence 3-5 days a week, with some deviations of course. The nice thing about not being tied down to a job would be that if I felt like sleeping in until 9:00 or 10:00, I could. That’s the sort of flexibility I’m seeking.

I’d love to also continue to consult 2-3 days a week, maximum. It’d be a way to keep my skills sharp, my networking relevant and growing, and provide some extra income as well. Of course, having a set schedule for consulting would sort of deteriorate this whole “do whatever you want whenever you want” thing, but that’s fine. When I reach financial independence but don’t feel comfortable pulling the trigger completely on early retirement, I’m definitely planning on pursuing consulting in this fashion.

The truth is that, most likely, days like this are a long ways away for us. But keeping this in mind helps provide motivation to get there sooner, and really makes me find the good things in every day we have in the meantime. Going to work for somebody else isn’t my ideal way to spend 8 hours, but there’s plenty more to be thankful for.


For those of you who do blog full-time, or are retired (or are pursuing something in between), what do your days normally look like? If you aren’t, but you aspire to be, what are you looking forward to the most?

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful day 🙂

    Do you write at night ever? I find some of my best writing happens around 9-11 at night if I’m focused. If I’m not focused, who knows. I’ve also tried writing in the early morning, and this works a little bit.

    Thanks for sharing your ideal day, hopefully it comes soon!

    1. Right now since I don’t have these sorts of days, night is the only time I can write during the week! Normally from 530 till 615 and then from 8 to 9 or so. Definitely not enough!

      I do get some good ideas during the day so I frequently jot down notes and such but with work it’s more difficult to actually write.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Ohhh, I would love this. I still blog part-time with a full-time job. I think full-time blogging is definitely my dream, but damn if it isn’t a lot of work! Blogging doesn’t have to be your only income stream for more flexible living, though. I make a decent amount of money on the side just by doing freelance writing through UpWork. I could probably scrape a living out of it if I didn’t have a full-time job (but then I wouldn’t get full-time money!).

    1. Haha it’s my dream too! It’s good that you’ve got some side income though. Still working on that. I’ve checked out UpWork but haven’t actively pursued it; mostly a time constraint, I tell myself.

      Any tips for an UpWork newbie? 🙂

  3. Check out the Problogger.com job board for writing gigs. They have a number of posts for which you likely qualify for and it will help supplement your income until your blog starts picking up steam (which it no doubt will in the near future!).

    1. Oh nice, I have looked at ProBlogger for other stuff but wasn’t aware of their job board. I’ll definitely have to give it a look. Thanks for the tip, and for stopping by Jason!

  4. This sounds like a great day! I often imagine what my life would look like if I were a full-time blogger. I earn a small amount each month, so that definitely won’t be happening anytime soon haha.

  5. Looks good! My days are similar though in a different order:

    Wake up 6:30 or 7:00 when my body tells me it’s time
    Latte and write/read blogs
    Breakfast and visit with husband
    Off to pickleball most mornings or bike/hike
    Back home and make a BIG salad for lunch watch Price is Right (not so secret guilty pleasure!)
    Work on house/yard, read, more blog stuff, volunteer or consulting
    Make dinner or go to friends
    TV and/or games (rummikub or cribbage)
    Read and to bed

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