Hiring Movers Kept Us Sane on Moving Day

Did you guys hear?! Kristin and I built a home. Our own home! And the great thing that came with it, was the requirement that all of our stuff magically move from our temporary apartment to our beautiful new house.

Moving sucks. It’s one of our least favorite things (definitely moreso for Kristin than for me). Since Kristin and I met about four and a half years ago, I had moved 5 times. Kristin had also moved 5 times. It’s a LOT of moving, and something that we were sick of. We wanted to make this 6th move the last one for a while (ever?), but it still needed to get done.

Why We Hired Instead of DIY

Kristin begged me to look at hiring movers. I reluctantly did; a decision that was spurred in part because my brother was alone with his kids that weekend. That meant that if I tried to enlist is help it would have meant Kristin would need to watch both the kids. It’d have pretty much be a wash (or worse) on our ability to move efficiently.

I have some friends (*gasp!*) – but none that were in town that weekend and none that I really wanted to ask. At 30, the whole “I’ll pay you in beer and pizza” thing is less than ideal.

Also, if we’re being real, having someone else move our big stuff would give us back some extra time and energy in the day to focus on other things like organizing and settling into our new home.

So, my mind was made up. Off to the internet I went! I found a few moving companies in the area with good reviews, got quotes, and selected the one I felt most comfortable with. We opted to have them only move our furniture and big things. The boxes and other things we can fit in our Hyundai Sonata were either already moved, or were things we’d move ourselves later.

And Oh. My. GOD. What a good decision.

Prep Work

We hired movers for a Saturday, and had scheduled them well over a month in advance to make sure we got them. We scheduled a 9am move to make sure we had a bunch of time in the afternoon to settle in.

To prep, we took apart our bedframe, boxed up our TV, rolled up our area rug, and took the shelves out of our entertainment center. We’d learned from the last move that if we didn’t do this, the shelves would fall out. Not good.

And that’s really about it. Prepping was super easy and didn’t take much time at all. We knew exactly what we wanted them to move, and since a lot of stuff was already moved, most things were out of their way.

Friday night we slept our last night in our apartment, anxiously awaiting the morning.

Day Of: Beginning

Saturday morning I woke up around 7, got some coffee, and we finished the last preparing of furniture and such that we needed to do. Our two movers showed up promptly at 9am, ready to get to work.

They introduced themselves, scoped out our apartment and what needed to be wrapped/moved, and then got straight to work. Some things were easy to deal with – they didn’t need to be wrapped at all. The movers went back out to their truck, got their moving blankets and shrink-wrap, and started getting our stuff ready to move.

And Kristin and I jammed out to music, loaded a few more things into our car, and just generally planned out the rest of our weekend.

Day Of: Middle

This was the best. We barely did any moving at all while the guys just took care of everything. We drove over to the house and were able to start unpacking boxes we had already moved.

While the movers were bringing things in, we just got to hang out and help direct them on where things needed to go. We even got to kill a few stray yellowjackets that got inside! Yay?

The whole moving process with the movers took just around 4 hours, with a lunch break in there, too. I know that if we’d tried to move ourselves, it’d have taken about the same amount of time. But things wouldn’t have been as protected, and I’m sure we’d have dinged the walls and/or our furniture. We didn’t have to worry about that at all with our movers.

Day Of: End

The end of the day was generally nuts, with washer/dryer being dropped off and our internet being set up (which actually got delayed until the following day). We had a lot of people in and out.

If we’d done the move ourselves, it’s unlikely we’d have done much else. But while they were installing everything, Kristin and I were able to get the entire kitchen unpacked and organized, and get our bedframe put back together.

Sleeping in a properly put-together bed is nice, and beats when we moved into our temporary apartment and had the bedframe on the ground for a few weeks.

Overall Thoughts

Movers weren’t free – and they definitely were more expensive than if we’d just rented a UHaul and done it ourselves. But with friends being out of town, it was an inconvenient weekend already.

Kristin for sure would have snapped at me several times during the move had we done it ourselves.

Moving can be flat out exhausting. Hiring it out may have cost a little more, but it was well worth the investment to keep us sane, energized, and ready to enjoy our new home.


Would you consider hiring movers, or do you think it makes more sense to do it yourself?

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  1. Hiring Movers is awesome! I used to try to move the old fashioned way – get your friends some pizza and try to keep their motivation up! But then I discovered that for a mere $80/hr you get 2 MOTIVATED and fit dudes that will pack a truck like you pack away breakfast.

    Anyway, cool post! I’m also posting about moving today. It’s weird how ideas align like that sometimes!

    1. Haha there’s some sort of weird hive-mind thing that goes on, I swear!

      And yeah movers were just totally worth it. Around us they were at least $100/hr so a little bit more expensive, but worth every penny to just have the energy at the end of the day to unpack and do stuff. Makes everyone happier!

  2. Hiring movers has been some of the best money I have ever spent.

    When Mr. BL and I first moved in together we moved everthing ourselves. And it took all day. Literally. From 8am to 8pm we were moving. Granted, we were combining two houses into one, but it was exhuasting. So exhausting that we didn’t unload the truck until early the next morning because we were just too tired.

    When we bought our house I said I would splurge for movers. It cost just around $500 and all our stuff was in the new house before noon. It was glorious. If we ever have to move again I will definitely spend the money to have professionals do the heavy lifting (pun intended.)

    1. That’s what we were afraid of too! Just being so exhausted that we didn’t want to do it. We only had a smallish apartment (so as a result our house is hilariously empty) but it still would have likely taken us 6-7 hours to do the whole move. Not how I want to spend a Saturday.

      $500 for moving into your house sounds like a GREAT use of $500 to save yourself an entire day of exhausting work!

      Thanks for reading and sharing your experience

  3. Hey, Dave. Glad to see the move went well. I’m normally a DIY guy, but when it comes to our move next year (fingers crossed), we’ll go with the movers. Yeah, it will cost more. But at 56, my back isn’t as sturdy as it once was. Thanks for solidifying my gut instincts. Oh, and by the way, your house looks great. I love your kitchen, especially the subway tile. You guys made great choices on the finishes.

    1. Thanks Mr. G!

      I have SUPER bad knees (thanks Mom! I know you’re reading this, hahah) and that was a good reason to hire it out, too. I helped my brother move last year and my knee bugged me for a few days afterwards…didn’t want any issues this time! Trust me, you won’t regret the decision.

      Our selections on finishes turned out way cooler than we thought. They’d actually just gotten that subway tile in (they had other kinds, but this specific one was pretty new) so we were pumped about that. The dark grout really makes the whole kitchen come together IMO. It’s pretty awesome to cook and eat in there, something I’d missed for the past several months. 🙂

  4. Great post! I’ve moved 2 times with friends and 2 times with professional movers. While I appreciate the friends helping out, the movers is worth every single penny! Ironically, the only thing that they refused to move after clearing our apartment was a giant pickle jar, filled with pennies! They came back to me and said, “we can’t move cash.” I will only ever use movers again! Glad it worked out nicely for you.

    1. Oh interesting that they can’t move cash 🙂

      Yeah movers were for sure worth it. We’re not planning on moving again any time soon (or ever, really) but when we do, we’ll plan on hiring movers again. Even if it means having to adjust our savings plans for a couple months to help pay for it, it’s totally worth the expense.

      Thanks for weighing in on your experiences as well!

  5. Hey Dave, I’m absolutely a user of professional movers. I always try to think of these things in terms of the time and energy it will cost me to do it myself, what I can afford, and what I can do with that time and energy if I outsource it (be it working on something else or even just resting).

    Apart from moving, I also outsource some house cleaning and most lawn care. Worth it for me 🙂

    1. Great way to think about it!

      Right now we’re doing our own house cleaning and lawn care, but depending on how the next year goes we might oursource that, too. We can normally meal prep and clean at the same time so from a time perspective that’s not a big deal. 🙂

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