Guest Posting at The Dad Wallet

Good morning! Today I don’t have a regularly-scheduled post for Married with Money. Instead, you can head on over to The Dad Wallet where I have a guest post up. I will talk about transitioning from being in debt to saving and investing.

If you’re in this stage, approaching it, or maybe already past it but not where you want to be on the saving and investing front, give it a read! Here’s a brief snippet:


You’ve slaved away at your debt for months – or in some cases years. Scrimping and hustling to knock out debt has been your focus for as long as you can remember. And then, perhaps anti-climatically, you find yourself gazing at the horizon, wondering “what’s next?

It can be a strange thing to realize that you no longer have debt. If you don’t have a plan for what you’ll do after digging yourself out of debt, it can be easy to let bad habits kick in. Lifestyle inflation is real, and will seek out the most unsuspecting people.


To read more, head on over to The Dad Wallet. Thanks!

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