How We Dropped 35lbs For Our Wedding

When Kristin and I were looking at ourselves earlier this year, we realized that we needed to make a change. We switched up our diet, and started eating much healthier. I’ve written a little bit about it here before, but if you want a better story, check out my recent feature on Picky Pinchers blog. Here’s a little appetizer:


We were fat.

Not like the cute kind of fat that babies get when they’re growing. The kind of fat that you get when you find true love and you just kind of … let yourself go.

Okay, so neither my wife nor I were ACTUALLY fat, but at the beginning of this year, we realized we needed to make some changes. Our wedding was coming up over the summer (June was an awesome month) and, like most young couples, we wanted to look GOOOOOOD in our wedding photos.

As luck would have it, Kristin’s gym (OrangeTheory) was running a weight loss competition in February. It coincided perfectly with our goals, and that was the catalyst for both of us to start eating healthier. Kristin and I set our targets: Kristin wanted to lose 20 lbs and I wanted to lose 10.


For the rest of the story, including pictures of what we ate this week (well, some of what we ate), head over to Picky Pinchers!


And yes, I am posting this instead of a ‘regular’ post to stretch my schedule for the rest of the year…sue me.

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