Advertising and Referral Disclosure

Throughout the course of your reading of MWM, chances are you’ll come across some reviews and links to external sites. While I always do my best to ensure that the links I provide on this web site are accurate and up-to-date, I am not responsible for their contents. If you find that a link is broken, you can always contact me. MWM may also have advertisements present – we’ll try to keep these reasonably non-intrusive, but as with the other links provided, MWM is not responsible for their contents.

I may from time-to-time include anĀ affiliate linkĀ – when those are included, generally I earn some sort of referral bonus. It’s important to note that I’d never refer a product I felt was unsafe or unethical, and I personally use every single product I ever recommend.

As with all financial products, it’s imperative that you do your own research and consult with a financial planner or accountant if you’re unsure. Keep in mind that some investments may go down in value.