My Resume of Failures

Some of life's failures are worse than gum on the bottom of your shoe

On Wednesday, J. Money over at Budgets are Sexy shared something interesting. Last year, a profession shared a resume of failures – things that he had attempted, but failed at. He was considered an expert in his field, yet for all his successes, he had a fair number of failures as well. Even those who may seem like ‘overnight successes’ have had to put in countless hours. Many that are regarded as leaders in their field have had more failures than successes. Even Elon Musk – arguably one of the most successful individuals advocating for the survival and advancement of our entire species – has had his fair share of failures, as J so nicely rounded up: • 1995: Unsuccessfully […]

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Welcome to Married With Money!

Hello! Welcome to Married With Money. Here’s a brief into of me and a bit of background into my journey and why I’ve decided to start a finance blog. About Dave My growing interest in personal finance and all money-related things began when I was in college. I went to school for Information Systems and landed a decent-paying job right out of school. I was fortunate, but like a lot of college kids, I graduated with more credit card debt than I wanted. I vividly remember talking with three of my best high school friends on a vacation to Florida right after we graduated in late May 2010. I was the only one with a job lined up at the […]

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