Find Your Why

I found my why in London

Making big life changes can be scary. Often they push us to feel uncomfortable. In this discomfort – or even in the anticipation of it – we have two choices. We can either push through and follow these life changes, or we can decide to turn back around and follow the easier path. Familiarity is […]

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Time is Your Best Ally

Time is your best ally when it comes to investing

When it comes to investing, lots of beginners just don’t know where to start. That can be a problem, because instilling bad habits from the onset means that changing them down the road is more painful. And it means that going the easy route while you’re young can make for a more challenging future. After […]

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Harness Your Purple Squirrel

Harness your purple squirrel

Earlier this week, I was meeting with a coworker to review some of the work I’ve been doing the past few months at my job. He was brought in a few weeks ago as a senior member of the project team, and will be working closely with me on a few things. At the end […]

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The 5-Step Blueprint to Pitching Life Changes to Your Better Half

The blueprints for life changes don't have to be complex

Money talks can be tough. Whether it’s talking about debt, planning out longer-term goals, or even simpler talks about budgeting, it can be an uncomfortable experience to talk about money. Things get even more strange when you start pursuing this weird thing called Financial Independence. From the outside it almost sounds a bit…cultish. After I […]

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Second Generation Debtors

Debt is a weird thing – few people talk openly about the debts that they have (even with spouses sometimes) and yet most Americans have debt. Why are we so afraid to talk about it, yet so comfortable with having it? We’ve come to expect that it’s just a fact of life. Our parents had […]

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Get An MIT Education For Free

Have you ever wanted to get an MIT education, but don’t have $70k a year to do it? What options might you have? Of course student loans are available (for those who want to be a quarter million dollars in debt when they graduate). Scholarships and grants are another good step to research, but chances […]

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