The Three Bag Compromise

One too many handbags for our compromise!

For as awesome as Kristin is, she’s kind of a typical girl in some respects. She loves her purses. I don’t get it. Every time she talks about a purse, I can’t help but think of that scene from The Devil Wears Prada where they’re talking about bags. Nate: Why do women need so many bags? Lilly: Shut up. Nate: You have one. You put all your junk in it, and that’s it. You’re done. Doug: Fashion is not about utility. An accessory is merely a piece of iconography used to express individual identity. Lilly: Oh! And it’s pretty. Doug: That too. I’m pretty much the embodiment of Nate in this scenario, except not quite as good looking. I Don’t […]

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Financial Fridays: Financial Cleansing and Updating

Financial cleansing has a lot of similarities to health cleanses

Note: Those links in here? I may make a little bit of money if you sign up using them. That money helps me keep the site running. For more information, please read my disclaimer. Welcome to Financial Fridays #5! Over the next 2 weeks – every Friday from now until the end of 2017 – I’m going to share posts that will help you paint a picture of your financial life today and set you up for a prosperous 2018. We’ll touch on topics ranging from income and expenses to net worth, debt, career advice, and setting goals. These are some of the steps Kristin and I have taken to help set ourselves up to be able to afford our […]

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Wedding Day Loans Suck

Wedding day loans shouldn't be needed for sweet shoes or a dress.

Some of the things people do to have their dream wedding amazes me. Wedding costs are through the roof, and many people want to impress others. It’s no surprise to learn that wedding day loans are becoming more and more popular as showing off on social media becomes commonplace. The average wedding price in 2016 crept past $35k according to TheKnot. With median household income at just $56k, the numbers here just don’t add up. How are people paying for them? The Sponsor Opportunity I got a glimpse of that last week when someone emailed me asking if I wanted to do a sponsored post. For those unfamiliar with the term, a sponsored post is a post on a blog […]

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Hiring Movers Kept Us Sane on Moving Day

Did you guys hear?! Kristin and I built a home. Our own home! And the great thing that came with it, was the requirement that all of our stuff magically move from our temporary apartment to our beautiful new house. Moving sucks. It’s one of our least favorite things (definitely moreso for Kristin than for me). Since Kristin and I met about four and a half years ago, I had moved 5 times. Kristin had also moved 5 times. It’s a LOT of moving, and something that we were sick of. We wanted to make this 6th move the last one for a while (ever?), but it still needed to get done. Why We Hired Instead of DIY Kristin begged […]

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The 5-Step Blueprint to Pitching Life Changes to Your Better Half

The blueprints for life changes don't have to be complex

Money talks can be tough. Whether it’s talking about debt, planning out longer-term goals, or even simpler talks about budgeting, it can be an uncomfortable experience to talk about money. Things get even more strange when you start pursuing this weird thing called Financial Independence. From the outside it almost sounds a bit…cultish. After I was (re-) introduced to the concept of financial independence, I desperately wanted to share my thoughts and plans with Kristin. She was not as receptive as I’d hoped – initially – but over the course of a few months that’s changed a bit. What follows is a bit of a blueprint in how to bring up some of those “weird” money goals with your significant […]

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 6 Smart Ways to Save On Your Wedding Day

There are lots of ways to save on a wedding.

Today I have a guest post from James from BasicFinanceCare. James is a finance blogger who loves to write & educate people about personal finance, money management and frugality. Visit his personal finance blog to find more about him. Your wedding day is approaching in months and you’ve already started biting your nails looking at the expenses: don’t worry. Here are 6 smart ways to handle your finances in such a way that you can save a lot on your wedding day. Handling finances is not just about managing your day-to-days expenses but planning for future events as well. Everyone has big dreams when it comes to planning for their wedding, but handling the finances for it doesn’t seem so […]

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We’re DINKs And Damn Proud Of It

We are DINKS and proud.

Being DINKs, it’s not uncommon for us to get comments in passing about how easy and nice it must be. Clearly we must have more time, more money, and more energy than people with kids. Obviously we’re wrong for not wanting kids and we’ll want them at some point. Right?! It can get aggravating at times, and I’m dedicating today’s post to tell people to stop treating childless-by-choice people like we’re some sort of fluke, don’t know what we want, or are irresponsible for not bringing another life into this world. Let’s dig into some of the bullshit things Kristin and I hear semi-frequently. If you couldn’t tell, this is going to be an epic rant. You’ve been warned. “Don’t worry, […]

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Do You Know What STD’s Your Partner Has?

When you’re dating someone and marriage is potentially on the horizon, it’s important to discuss a number of different things. Of course, regular conversations will come up early on in your dating. Things like hobbies, jobs, and other relatively easy topics to talk about. When things start getting serious in a relationship, though, some more difficult conversations need to be had. Things like specifically how much money the other person makes? What are your life-long goals? Do you want kids? Some of these conversations can be deal-breakers, and many of them are private. Especially when you start talking about STD’s. Be Open and Honest About STD’s No, I’m not talking about those STD’s. I’m talking about Sexually Transmitted Debt. Debt […]

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The One Thing Every Active Married Couple Needs

When you get married, traditionally there are a few things that are standard. Typically engagements will get kicked-off with a ring. The budget for these varies wildly, from $100 (or less) to tens of thousands of dollars. Sure, the old adage “three months’ salary” may be phasing out, but it’s still there and prevalent. Regardless of what you do for your primary rings, there’s one thing every active couple needs, and that is a set of active-wear rings. Even if you have your rings insured (and you should), if you’re doing something they can sometimes get in the way or just get dirty. Maintaining your rings is an important task, but you don’t need to make it more difficult than […]

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Why We Have (Some) Separate Bank Accounts

One of the questions people frequently ask newly weds is how they are handling their money. Do you have totally joined finances? Do you keep separate bank accounts? I definitely get this question more often than I’d anticipated. If I had to guess, this blog probably has sparked more questions than most people would get. Handling money as a couple is a very personal situation. What works for some might not work for everyone. Talking about money – and other important topics – before getting married is critical. Doing so will make sure that you are working together and not sabotaging each other’s goals. Our Money Goals The most important part of our decision-making process was to understand the goals […]

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