The 5-Step Blueprint to Pitching Life Changes to Your Better Half

The blueprints for life changes don't have to be complex

Money talks can be tough. Whether it’s talking about debt, planning out longer-term goals, or even simpler talks about budgeting, it can be an uncomfortable experience to talk about money. Things get even more strange when you start pursuing this weird thing called Financial Independence. From the outside it almost sounds a bit…cultish. After I […]

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We’re DINKs And Damn Proud Of It

We are DINKS and proud.

Being DINKs, it’s not uncommon for us to get comments in passing about how easy and nice it must be. Clearly we must have more time, more money, and more energy than people with kids. Obviously we’re wrong for not wanting kids and we’ll want them at some point. Right?! It can get aggravating at times, […]

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Do You Know What STD’s Your Partner Has?

When you’re dating someone and marriage is potentially on the horizon, it’s important to discuss a number of different things. Of course, regular conversations will come up early on in your dating. Things like hobbies, jobs, and other relatively easy topics to talk about. When things start getting serious in a relationship, though, some more […]

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The One Thing Every Active Married Couple Needs

When you get married, traditionally there are a few things that are standard. Typically engagements will get kicked-off with a ring. The budget for these varies wildly, from $100 (or less) to tens of thousands of dollars. Sure, the old adage “three months’ salary” may be phasing out, but it’s still there and prevalent. Regardless […]

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Why We Have (Some) Separate Bank Accounts

One of the questions people frequently ask newly weds is how they are handling their money. Do you have totally joined finances? Do you keep separate bank accounts? I definitely get this question more often than I’d anticipated. If I had to guess, this blog probably has sparked more questions than most people would get. […]

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Why We Rarely Fight About Money

Marriage and money is a complex set of topics. Financial issues are frequently cited as one of the most common reasons for divorce. In a healthy marriage it’s not uncommon to have some disagreements. What’s important, however, is how you handle those disagreements and work through them as a couple. Kristin and I rarely fight […]

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