Dating Advice: Should You Split The Bill?

When it comes time to pay, should you split the bill?

On my drive in to the ol’ job on Thursday morning, I was listening to my usual radio station. They have a bit each week that they call “Group Therapy” (and have lately been calling it “Other People’s Problems”, haha). The topic each week normally is some sort of work or relationship-related thing, and is […]

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Sometimes Money Isn’t About Numbers

Sometimes money isn't about numbers, but about something more.

I’m part of a number of different Facebook groups that discuss finances. Frequently on some of these groups, people will post something asking for recommendations for their current situation. Lots of times these folks may be in the process of paying off debt. Maybe they’re trying to retire early and want to know where to […]

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Holy Crap We Built a Home

We got so many keys when we closed on our house

Holy crap on a stick. As of Monday, Kristin and I are officially homeowners! I’ve wanted to own a home for a long time – I even had an accepted offer on one back in 2013. But when I made the decision to move to California, I came to terms with the fact that home […]

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The 5-Step Blueprint to Pitching Life Changes to Your Better Half

The blueprints for life changes don't have to be complex

Money talks can be tough. Whether it’s talking about debt, planning out longer-term goals, or even simpler talks about budgeting, it can be an uncomfortable experience to talk about money. Things get even more strange when you start pursuing this weird thing called Financial Independence. From the outside it almost sounds a bit…cultish. After I […]

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We’re DINKs And Damn Proud Of It

We are DINKS and proud.

Being DINKs, it’s not uncommon for us to get comments in passing about how easy and nice it must be. Clearly we must have more time, more money, and more energy than people with kids. Obviously¬†we’re wrong for not wanting kids and we’ll want them at some point. Right?! It can get aggravating at times, […]

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Second Generation Debtors

Debt is a weird thing – few people talk openly about the debts that they have (even with spouses sometimes) and yet most Americans have debt. Why are we so afraid to talk about it, yet so comfortable with having it? We’ve come to expect that it’s just a fact of life. Our parents had […]

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Our Solution to an Overstuffed Closet

Clutter can be debilitating. We have been somewhat thankful in that both Kristin and I have moved a fair amount in the past five years. Each time we move, we go through our stuff and pare down what we don’t really need anymore. Having to cram all of your personal possessions into a Hyundai Sonata […]

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