Paying Off $250,000 of Debt And Full Of Doubts

paying off debt

You guys! I have an awesome guest post this Friday from the one and only Mrs Picky Pincher. Mrs PP is a frequent reader of MwM and one of my favorite bloggers! Mrs. Picky Pincher is the blogger and money-saving maven at Picky Pinchers. She writes about paying off debt while living the good life.  Today she’s sharing a bit of her back story and some of the battles she and her husband have been going through on their journey to knock out a quarter million dollars of debt. Back in the summer of 2015, I was newly married and spectacularly clueless about money. Even though I was flushing my earnings down the toilet in the form of Starbucks and salon […]

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Why You Should Talk About Your Finances on The First Date

Is talking about finances on the first date a good idea?

Today I’ve got a guest post from Patty. She blogs over at Working Life Mother about managing finances as a working mom and raising financially educated kids.  Talking about money on the first date? Yikes! Sounds like a complicated and very involved topic, right? It may be, but it is important that it is spoken about. Even if it is not on the first date, it should be brought up before the relationship moves in a serious direction. Data has shown that money matters in relationships and while you want to think that it does not, it does. There are many stresses that come along with money and if you or someone you meet is in a lot of debt, […]

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 6 Smart Ways to Save On Your Wedding Day

There are lots of ways to save on a wedding.

Today I have a guest post from James from BasicFinanceCare. James is a finance blogger who loves to write & educate people about personal finance, money management and frugality. Visit his personal finance blog to find more about him. Your wedding day is approaching in months and you’ve already started biting your nails looking at the expenses: don’t worry. Here are 6 smart ways to handle your finances in such a way that you can save a lot on your wedding day. Handling finances is not just about managing your day-to-days expenses but planning for future events as well. Everyone has big dreams when it comes to planning for their wedding, but handling the finances for it doesn’t seem so […]

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