What’s Going On in the Blogosphere: Episode 26

The personal finance blogosphere - the world of blogs - is vast

Happy Saturday!

Last week I toyed with the idea of having some sort of ‘life update’ or whatnot in these posts. I’m going to not do that, and just keep these Saturday round-ups short and sweet. Starting Monday, though, I’m going to be putting out traffic reports each month and will include some updates on how we’re progressing with our goals. I’ll be sure to include other things also like our hunt for a second car.

So in the meantime, enjoy some of the articles I’ve shared below!

Think Save Retire:Kill It: Earmark your money and give it purpose

Without purpose, money gets bored – just like us. When we get bored, we do pointless, worthless things. The same is true for your money, too. By earmarking what you want your money to do, where you want it to go, and the vision you have for how it supports your life, you can eliminate that boredom. I’m a big fan of not having any money just randomly being bored. Every dollar has a purpose.

FinanciALLI Focused:How to Kickstart Your Finances When Your Spouse Isn’t on Board

Two individual people managing money as a single unit can be a recipe for disaster if things don’t go well. Spouses should see eye to eye, at least on the big stuff, if they’re going to merge finances. But getting on the right path with money can be tough if you’re trying to do it without the support of your spouse. Guest poster Javi offers up some advice for how he’s been able to tackle money conversations with his wife.

The Luxe Strategist: How a Non-Rich Person Started Investing, and Why You Should Start, Too

There’s a perception among many individuals that investing is something only rich people do. “It takes money to make money” and other common phrases perpetuate that mindset. The irony of it all, of course, is that you become rich by investing – which necessarily means you need to invest in something if you ever want to be rich. Luxe digs into some old conversations to see how this perception has played out in her own life.


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