What’s Going On in the Blogosphere: Episode 20

The personal finance blogosphere - the world of blogs - is vast

Each week I’m going to try to put together a list of 3-5 great blog posts I’ve read from other personal finance bloggers. These posts are a collection of things I find interesting and thought-provoking, and if you like the content I’m posting I’d encourage you to check out some of the posts in this list. There are many more posts I recommend throughout the week on Twitter – if you aren’t following me yet, please head over there and give me a Follow or follow me on Facebook.


Mr. Jamie Griffin: Why Talking About Money is the Best Medicine for Your Relationship

Jamie Griffin brings up some great points on talking about money in your relationship. You know I’m a huge advocate of open communication – even when it may be uncomfortable. It tends to lead to fewer fights and a healthier, more productive relationship. Check out how talking about money has impacted his relationship with his wife in an extremely positive way.

Apathy Ends: The 401(k) Sundae

If you’re hungry, avoid this post by Apathy Ends for sure. Otherwise, read on… AE has an analogy of a 401(k)’s money being similar to a delicious sundae. When some matching rules changed at his company, his coworkers had reactions that made him think “Uh, what?” – what part of the sundae did they miss with??

Cait Flanders: A Good Trip Will Make You Appreciate Home

Cait Flanders talks a lot about being mindful and travel quite a bit. Lots of folks love to travel, but they seldom talk about how excited they are to get home. With a good trip, though, after fulfilling what you’ve set out to do, home is truly what grounds us. A good trip makes you appreciate that.


That’s it for this week! If you have a blog that I might not know about, let me know in the comments!

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