6 Smart Ways to Save On Your Wedding Day

There are lots of ways to save on a wedding.

Today I have a guest post from James from BasicFinanceCare. James is a finance blogger who loves to write & educate people about personal finance, money management and frugality. Visit his personal finance blog to find more about him.

Your wedding day is approaching in months and you’ve already started biting your nails looking at the expenses: don’t worry. Here are 6 smart ways to handle your finances in such a way that you can save a lot on your wedding day.

Handling finances is not just about managing your day-to-days expenses but planning for future events as well. Everyone has big dreams when it comes to planning for their wedding, but handling the finances for it doesn’t seem so easy.

Before you start worrying about finances, let’s have a look at these 6 essential points that can help you save for your big day.

1. Watch out before you select a date!

Before you select a date, watch for available discounts. If it’s off-season, you can negotiate to grab the hot deals and save a lot. Most places offer different rates on weekdays vs. weekends. To save yourself from the fluctuating prices, opt for booking in advance.

Try to skip the Saturday wedding option if you wish to save yourself from writing a check of huge dollars. Having your wedding on a weekday would be the ideal option to save money.

Dave’s Note: This is a great option, just be prepared to inconvenience some of your guests. 🙂 In the end, it’s up to you to determine what’s going to be best for you.

2. Your dream wedding destination!

You must have thought of a dream destination for your wedding. So, how do you make it fit into your budget?

The place you choose depends on the number of guests you are expecting.

  • If the guest list is huge, try renting a vacation home which can accommodate all your guests.
  • If the guest list is small, you can book a classy space in the restaurant to host your reception party.
  • Try to look for a venue that doesn’t require you to use their vendors.
  • To save more, you can have the wedding ceremony and reception at the same place so that you can skip the extra charges on the transportation between venues.
  • You can even consider an on-campus wedding that fits your budget and is actually a fun-filled experience.

3. Don’t neglect the food!

One of the essential factors apart from the venue is the food expenses which can cost you more. Do your research for the food options in town that fit your budget.

When it comes to food, you can always surprise your guests with something new. If you’re expecting a huge crowd for the wedding , look out for options like BBQ, local club dishes, and other local treats.

You don’t have to serve the usual “sit-down dinner”, instead you can have a evening wedding and serve drinks with fritters etc.

Dave’s Note: Everyone talks about the food – it can make or break the experience!

4. The wedding dress!

When it comes to the wedding dress, everyone looks for the best possible one but it doesn’t fit into the budget every time. But who said you should specifically buy only a wedding gown?

How about buying any white dress which gives you the same diva look on your wedding?  Consider these few points before you buy your wedding dress:

  • Shop online
  • Look for off-season shopping discounts & offers
  • Look for prom dresses, party gowns, etc. : not just wedding gowns
  • Buy any bridesmaid’s white outfit and embellish it your way.

Dave’s Note: Buying at a consignment store or other second-hand store is also an awesome way to save money on a dress. Most of the time, the dresses will have been worn for just a few hours and you can find some great prices.

5. Décor & flowers

The season during your wedding would make a difference in the budget when it comes to décor. If you’re planning to have your wedding in winter season, mostly all the places would be decorated already for the holidays. Thus, you don’t have to spend much more on the décor.

But what about the flowers?

One of the best options is to buy flowers in bulk from online providers to grab the maximum discount. You can consider arranging the flowers on your own.

You can even choose artificial flowers as you can keep them for lifetime as a memory.  Artificial flowers are comparatively less expensive than real ones and you have the option to buy when there is a discount without worrying of drying.

You can even try making crepe-flowers and be your own florist. There are various ways to make flowers from tissues, cloth, newspaper etc.

Try an alternative to bridesmaid’s bouquets, like a heart-shaped balloon or a lantern. There’s no rule here so you’re free to explore unique ways to cut down costs on these.

6. Get ready to fake the Cake

It’s not mandatory to have a multi-layered cake on your wedding; you can buy a small one and fake it to the same size.

You can always customize your cake. Ask the baker to make a fake cardboard and place your cake over it. Anyways, you’re going to cut the top layer only. This way you save yourself from insanely expensive fondant & tiered cakes (that might look tempting but could be skipped).

Dave’s Note: We had a cake topper to cut, and mini cupcakes at our wedding which were a hit. Other favorites I’ve seen include mini Cinnabons which were ah-may-zing.

Summing up

With proper research, planning, and careful cost comparison, you can save a lot on your wedding day. Hopefully these 6 tips helped you in planning for your wedding!

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  1. I bought my wedding dress from a sample dress shop. I did spend $900 (after scoring a 10% discount) on the most expensive dress in the store. I had been saving for months and was able to pay cash, so I avoided debt. The dress normally would have cost $3,000 brand new, so I was still happy with the purchase. For $100 I got the dress altered by a seamstress to fit me to a T.

    We focused on the food for our wedding and held the event at the catering company’s location. Our cake was $100 bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes–it was so delicious that there were no leftovers!

  2. Was there ever a point you guys just said, “let’s elope”? The thought of spending money on a wedding kind of makes me skin crawl. Eloping sounds so appealing!

    1. Me, yes. Kristin, no way 😅

      I’d have been happy eloping but Kristin wanted a more traditional wedding. We compromised and kept out budget well within our means, but it still put us back a bit on what we could have put down for the house.

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