I Broke My Own Rule – We’re All In

Breaking the rules can be a good thing. Like our decision to max my 401(k)

Throughout my writing on MwM, I often offer bits of advice that I’ve been able to apply in my own life. Things like taking advantage of a temporary housing situation, cleaning out the closet, or how to thrive as a DINK household. Most of the advice I give out tends to be pretty straight-forward, but I like putting a personal twist on it. Unfortunately, I also give advice that I don’t always follow very well. I’ve got good intentions – I really do – but sometimes we just drop the ball. Like when I already had to give up on/revise my New Year’s goals, or talking about how to budget, even though we don’t really do that anymore. This Year’s […]

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The Make Money Marketing Course Is A Blogger’s Side Hustle Dream Course

Note: Those links in here? I may make a little bit of money if you sign up using them. That money helps me keep the site running. For more information, please read my disclaimer. One of my goals in 2018 is to start to earn some extra money from side hustles. My target amount is a pretty reasonable $500 a month on average. While $500 isn’t going to let Kristin or I leave our jobs or retire early, it’s a nice chunk of change to pad our savings. I think many bloggers go through this period of aspiration where we dream about what it’d be like to quit the corporate world and blog full time. The reality is that few […]

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Why I Walked Away From $25k In Company Stock

Sometimes you've got to walk away without knowing what lies ahead

In 2016, I made a decision. Actually, I made quite a few, and not just small ones – I’m talking about big, life-changing decisions. In general, those decisions panned out fantastically – like asking Kristin to marry me – but it all hinged on one key decision. I made a tough call and walked away from about $25,000 in company stock. Where I Was In 2016 Let me set the stage by backing up to where I was in January 2016 in my life. Three years earlier, in 2013, I had moved out to California with nothing except what I could fit in my Sonata. I’d kept my job, and was working with offices in the Los Angeles and San […]

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Two Weeks In: An Honest Look At My 2018 Goals

Broken mug. Broken goals.

We are halfway through the month of January, and I’ve got a confession. While we’re rocking on some goals, others aren’t going so well. In fact, I’ve already failed at some of my goals completely. But I don’t really care – and there’s a reason. I Suck At Goals Here are some of the goals I’m already behind on, or flat our have given up. Finalize the rollover of my old 401(k). I’m behind on this one, and it’s stupid. You see, I’d meant to have this done last year. Actually if we’re being honest, back in 2016. I have a Roth 401(k) from my first job that’s still sitting out there. It’s got a fair amount of money in […]

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My Resume of Failures

Some of life's failures are worse than gum on the bottom of your shoe

On Wednesday, J. Money over at Budgets are Sexy shared something interesting. Last year, a profession shared a resume of failures – things that he had attempted, but failed at. He was considered an expert in his field, yet for all his successes, he had a fair number of failures as well. Even those who may seem like ‘overnight successes’ have had to put in countless hours. Many that are regarded as leaders in their field have had more failures than successes. Even Elon Musk – arguably one of the most successful individuals advocating for the survival and advancement of our entire species – has had his fair share of failures, as J so nicely rounded up: • 1995: Unsuccessfully […]

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Why the Spend Less or Earn More question is BS

Should you spend less or earn more? Why not both??

It’s the age old question of personal finance: is it better to spend less or earn more? When faced with these two options, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of both, and why some may lean in one direction and others the opposite. Ultimately, though, the question is BS, for reasons I outline below. Still, let’s entertain both sides of the debate and see which one wins. In Favor of Spend Less A penny saved is a penny earned, right? Well, not really. This is especially not the case when you can cut something out of your life permanently. Consider a semi-frivolous expense of Amazon Prime. Do we really need two day shipping on everything? Probably not. If […]

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Don’t Be a Financial Ostrich

Ostriches are stupid. Don't be a financial ostrich.

Note: Those links in here? I may make a little bit of money if you sign up using them. That money helps me keep the site running. For more information, please read my disclaimer. Ostriches are stupid. Like, really, really stupid. With brains about the size of a walnut, I shouldn’t be surprised I guess. It’s “common knowledge” that ostriches bury their heads in the sand when they’re in danger. Frequently cited as a defense mechanism, it’s become a colloquialism for ignoring unpleasant things. In fact, ostriches don’t actually do this, so if you believed they did, stop. #truthbomb Nevertheless, I’m running with  this common misconception to get a point across. Because, as it turns out, the colloquialism is very […]

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What’s Going On in the Blogosphere: Episode 24

The personal finance blogosphere - the world of blogs - is vast

Welcome to the first roundup of 2018! Sorry for not doing these roundups for the past few weeks. With the holiday schedule, things got hectic, and some other bloggers also had different schedules. But, we’re back and kicking now!! Each week I’m going to try to put together a list of 3-5 great blog posts I’ve read from other personal finance bloggers. These posts are a collection of things I find interesting and thought-provoking, and if you like the content I’m posting I’d encourage you to check out some of the posts in this list. There are many more posts I recommend throughout the week on Twitter – if you aren’t following me yet, please head over there and give me a […]

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The Three Bag Compromise

One too many handbags for our compromise!

For as awesome as Kristin is, she’s kind of a typical girl in some respects. She loves her purses. I don’t get it. Every time she talks about a purse, I can’t help but think of that scene from The Devil Wears Prada where they’re talking about bags. Nate: Why do women need so many bags? Lilly: Shut up. Nate: You have one. You put all your junk in it, and that’s it. You’re done. Doug: Fashion is not about utility. An accessory is merely a piece of iconography used to express individual identity. Lilly: Oh! And it’s pretty. Doug: That too. I’m pretty much the embodiment of Nate in this scenario, except not quite as good looking. I Don’t […]

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2017: A Year In Review (And 2018 Goals)

New Years brings new 2018 goals

Oh boy. I’d planned on writing this to be posted on Monday, just in case anything crazy happened on NYE (spoiler: it didn’t). Alas, laziness got the best of me and Kristin last weekend, and we enjoyed our time off doing absolutely nothing. And with good reason. 2017 was a killer year for us. It had plenty of ups and downs, and saw two families come together as one. We actually didn’t write down any goals for 2017 – we wanted to not go into debt for our wedding, and wanted to build our house. Aside from that, we had no concrete goals. So instead of goals, I’ll just provide some of the highlights of 2017. Then I’ll outline some […]

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