What’s Going On in the Blogosphere: Episode 27

The personal finance blogosphere - the world of blogs - is vast

Happy Saturday! Can’t believe February is almost over! Crazy. How are your goals going? Here’s a highlight of what I’ve been reading the past few weeks. There are many more posts I recommend throughout the week on Twitter – if you aren’t following me yet, please head over there and give me a Follow or follow me on Facebook. Rich Habits Institute: Doing Nothing Is A Habit Tom Corley has studied the minds and habits of tons of highly successful individuals. I love reading his work, because he often extracts bite-sized nuggets of information that’s easy to understand. It’s fascinating, and I’m particularly interested in what makes successful people tick. It turns out that having no habits is kind of a […]

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The Many Reasons I Love The Personal Finance Community

I love the personal finance community

It’s great finding your tribe. As an introvert, I genuinely enjoy being alone or with just a few people, but I still crave social interaction at times. Finding that in the personal finance blogging community has been awesome. The people that make up this blogging community are incredible. We come from vastly different backgrounds, yet are all working to achieve the same goal – control over our money and some degree of freedom that comes along with that control. And more than that, we all want to share our ideas with each other and with others to help them live a more comfortable, happy life. No Stranger to Online Communities I’ve had my fair share of building and participating in […]

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Guest Post: Credit Card Debt Mistakes I’ve Made & How I’m Improving My Situation

Happy Wednesday everybody! Today I’ve got a guest post from Tom who blogs over at FIREd Up Millennial. He’s sharing his story of credit card debt – how he got into it, how he got out, and what he learned along the way. Hopefully you can pick up some tips from his mistakes. Enjoy! Credit cards are designed to be simple and easy-to-use, and that can make them very dangerous. Like many people, I have had to learn that the hard way. I got into some bad habits with spending, and made those problems even worse when it came to paying back my debt. Even after I committed to paying off my credit cards once and for all, I made […]

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Why I Don’t Blog Anonymously

I chose to not blog anonymously for a reason

There are two types of bloggers in this world. Those who blog anonymously, and those who share their names publicly. When I started this blog nearly a year ago (wut?) I had the make a call. Did I want to create some sort of anonymous persona, or was I going to share my real identity? I choose to fall in the latter. Finding out who I am is pretty easy, and while I don’t fully share my name like some bloggers, it’s still not tough to connect the dots and find out all about me. Drawbacks of Using Real Information The biggest drawback of using your real name as a blogger is people can find you. It seems obvious, but […]

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How To Use Your Tax Refund Like A Boss

Tax season is upon us! Use your tax refund intelligently.

As February pushes into the second half, everyone should have gotten (or will be getting very soon) their tax forms. Whether you do your own taxes or hire an accountant like I do (on the bright side it’s super cheap, aka free – thanks Dad!), tax filing tends to either be something you look forward to or something you dread. When you file your taxes, you are “trueing up” what you actually owe with the IRS based on the money you earned the previous year. If you owe money, it means you didn’t pay them enough throughout the year. Conversely, if you get a refund, you paid too much and you are getting your own money back. Should You Even […]

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It’s Better to Fail at FIRE Than Succeed At Normality

Failing at fire is better than succeeding at normality

The Financial Independence “movement” is a relatively new concept. It’s exploded in popularity in recent years, particularly since the Great Recession in 2008-2009. With a bull run as long and intense as we’ve had, it’s not surprising. The internet, too, has helped make stories like this popular. It seems that every week you can tune into a major news outlet and see a story about someone who retired early. They offer up tips and just general life advice to others looking to achieve the same thing. What’s interesting to me is that without fail, these articles will always elicit negative reactions from people. Trolls abound in the online world, and the FIRE community is no exception. Why FIRE Is Stupid […]

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Do DINKs Need a 6 Month Emergency Fund?

Have cash on hand in case of an emergency too

Of all the boring, mundane things in the personal finance space, emergency funds take the cake. You work hard to earn some cash, and then the first piece of advice people tell you is “don’t spend it.” Where’s the fun in that? What’s the point of having money if you can’t spend it – or even invest it? Just leave it in cash, losing money to inflation. Your Emergency Fund Isn’t Supposed To Earn Money The biggest thing people need to understand when it comes to emergency funds is that the money in an emergency fund isn’t supposed to earn money. Emergency funds are for emergencies. Think of it as your own personal insurance policy for when shit hits the […]

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How We’re Making 2018 Kick Ass

Making 2018 kick ass doesn't need to be tough

Financially speaking, 2017 was kind of…meh. For a personal finance blogger – even though I didn’t start until April – we saw a lot of money leave our lives. Some of it’s tied up in equity in our home, which makes me feel a little bit better. But much of it was spent on things like our wedding, our mini-moon, and furnishing our house. 2018 Will Be a Year of Balance 2018, however, is a different story for us. This year is all about balance. The finance nerd in me would absolutely love to spend no money. But the realist in me knows that’s just not going to happen, and we’ve got trips and other things to plan and look […]

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What To Do With The Market Going Down

A market decline is inevitible. Stay calm and keep investing.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. I never recommend things I don’t believe in. For more information, please read my full Disclaimer. Nothing. End of post. Haha, I kid I kid – I’ll expand a bit. But seriously that is the TL;DR version. Look at me, being up-front with the TL;DR… Recap of What’s Happened If you’ve not turned on the news lately, you still probably have heard. My Facebook and Twitter were blowing up early this week with people freaking out, wondering if they should sell their stocks. Everyone is abuzz about “the market” dropping a significant amount in the past week or so. News stations will point to the Dow Jones Industrial Average being down about 8.5% (now closer to […]

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January 2018 Traffic Report

Starting this year I’m going to do a monthly traffic report of the blog. Part of what I’d like to get out of this is a better understanding of my traffic, and what works to grow it and what’s not working as much. I’ll dig into some of the strategies I’m trying out – hopefully other bloggers will find this valuable. At the very least, hopefully it’s interesting. I’m also going to use this post to provide some general life updates, updates on goals, etc. Without further ado… January 2018 Traffic Overview Pageviews: 6150 – My best month, and without any features or anything crazy. I had a few months last year that peaked above this number, but that was […]

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